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Wellness Center in Bulgaria

Health-improving programs in "Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" complex on the seacoast of sunny Bulgarian!

Harmony Suites company is actively contributing into development of health-improving project for body and soul. Understanding the importance of human health, mood and mental well-being, we suggest you combine relaxation and accommodation on the coast of sunny Bulgaria with a course of health-promoting activities, spa, detox diet, nutritionist lectures, psychological training, breathing practices, and sport activities.

"Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" for your health

The recreation complex "Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" mainly focuses on preventive and regenerative medicine. All procedures are appointed only after the whole body was diagnosed with the medical equipment and after consulting the Swiss doctor-gastroenterologist at the complex. Individual program is selected for each. It includes body clearance, detox diet, nutritionist lectures, psychological training, breathing practices, exclusive excursions and sports activities.

Combine holidays and your health improving by taking part in a 10-day program for the comfortable setting of health and figure correction under the supervision of the doctor-gastroenterologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences I.N. Ostroukhova.


"Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" for beauty

Once inside our spa complex, you will find yourself in a world of harmony and beauty, in which everything - from the exquisite interior to a variety of spa services – was carefully chosen for your complete relaxation. We wanted to bring an environment that allows visitors to relax and immerse themselves in an aura of pleasant sensations. In the recreation and relaxation area there is a Turkish sauna (Hamam), a Finnish sauna, a salt lake, a shock shower and a swimming pool. A relaxing massage can help you relieve stress and relax completely. Preventive massage normalizes blood pressure, reduces pain and swelling.


      "Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" for active leisure

The complex has a wide variety of programs for those who want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. Daily we have diverse fitness trainings, training in the gym (alone or with a personal trainer), activities in cardio-room, tennis course, swimming, football and volleyball. One of the newest and very popular trends is yoga.


We offer you therapeutic programs, recreational courses and family vacation!

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"Harmony Suites Spa and Wellness Club" – is your recreational centre in Bulgaria!