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What is BULSTAT?

How to get BULSTAT?

You have to obtain Bulstat within a week since the purchase of an apartment. Firstly you need to register with the tax office.In most cases it is done by a lawyer of a real estate company who executed a purchase/sale agreement after executing a transaction.This service costs about 30 EUR. If there are several owners, each of them has to execute the document in his/her own name.In cases where property owners purchasean apartment without the participation of intermediator firms, they may seek the assistance of any lawyer.The price of this service may vary.

You can apply on your own.In this case you should do the following:

• Write an application presented in the prescribed form inRegistryAgency.

• Submit a copy of your passport and the title deed.The documents must be notarized.

• Pay a state duty for registration and submit a receipt for payment.

Once all the documents are submitted, you are assigned a BULSTAT number.With this document you register with tax authorities and fill out a declaration.Now you are a tax payer and a full owner of real estate property.

If apartments or private houses have been purchased in Bulgaria by a legal entity, their owners do not need to obtain BULSTAT.This is explained by the fact that a company is assigned an identification number (UIC) during the company's registration which is the reason for paying taxes.