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Difference between flats and apartment hotel units in Bulgaria

Foreigners often buy real estate in the resort area of Bulgaria. Housing prices here are low, and the quality of housing and infrastructure are at a high level.

The buyer of real estate in Bulgaria is facing a choice: to buy an apartment on the beach or an ordinary flat in the city? Many do not understand the differences between these types of property and mistakenly assume that it is in a layout or housing area. What are the features of modern apartments, and how they differ from ordinary flats or hotel rooms?

Apartment features

These are apartments located in comfortable residential complexes (also called apart-hotels). Such housing is fully equipped with everything you need, and consists of at least two rooms. Most often apartments are built on the seafront in hotel complexes near the shoreline. These are modern buildings with all necessary facilities and infrastructure. As a rule in the territory there are a swimming pool, a park, a playground, a bar, billiards and other entertainments. In the lobby there is a reception as in the hotel and security. Depending on location and quality of housing the price per square meter of such properties ranges from 800 to 1,500 euro.

The owners stay in apartments for the holiday season, or for a few days to rest, but do not live there permanently. It is profitable to give such property for rent to vacationers.


Price per square meter of flats is slightly lower than of apartments. It ranges from 500 euro per square meter. The apartment can be in a new building, or in the secondary housing market. Typically apartments in Bulgaria are sold with a quality repair and all the amenities, but without furniture or appliances. You’ll have to furnish a house yourself. "Studio apartments" are very popular. They consist of combined kitchen and living room.