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Epiphany – St. Jordan`s day (6 January)

Epiphany – St. Jordan`s day (6 January)

On 6 January the Bulgarian Orthodox Church celebrates Epiphany day.
Epiphany (Yordanovden in Bulgarian) is one of the major Christian holidays in Bulgaria.

Nowadays, Epiphany day in Bulgaria is celebrated with festive liturgy in the churches and rituals involving water.

After the festive liturgy the priests, accompanied by hundreds of people start a festive procession from all churches. They go to the nearest river and the priest throws a cross into the water. It is believed that the one who succeeds to take out the cross from the water will be happy and rich all year round. So a lot of enthusiastic men jump into the ice cold waters of the river and try to catch the cross.

After that people continue celebrating all day long.