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Food prices in Bulgaria

Food products in Bulgaria are not very expensive, especially in the capital.You can buy everything you need in supermarkets which offer a wide choice, low prices and constant promotions or discounts.

The most popular stores are Kaufland, Billa, Piccadilly, and Lidl.Most housewives prefer to buy herbs, vegetables and agricultural products on the market.In resort regions the prices are a little bit higher, especially in the high season, but they still remain quite affordable for most tourists.Tourists who prefer to go to the cafe and notto cook by themselves will not spend much money.Lunch costs about 20 EUR for two adults; portions are large, the food is delicious and varied.

Approximate prices of basic food products in Bulgaria

Pork – 8BGN per kilogram

• Chicken6-8 BGN

• Bread - 0.75 BGN and above

• Potatoes - about 1 BGN

• Onions, carrots - 0,7-0,8 BGN

• Milk - 1.7 -2 BGN

• Cheese – 8 BGN

• Eggs - 2.5 BGN (sold by the dozen)

The prices are in Bulgarian currency. The BGNagainst the EUR is constant (about 2:1), and it is very easy to calculate the cost of purchases in EUR.

As for alcoholic beverages the prices are also acceptable.A bottle of good red wine will cost you about 5 BGN which is equivalent to 2.5 EUR.Wine in Bulgaria isof high quality and excellent taste, unlike beer that not every visitor likes.The price of beer is 0.7 BGN for a half liter bottle.Spirits such as whiskey are from 10 to 15 BGN per bottle.

Prices in the cafes and restaurants are also encouraging. To have a slice of pizza at the pizzeria and drink a glass of beer will cost only 1.82 EUR.In order to have a good dinner for two in the restaurant you have to take 50 EUR.Most likely you will not spend more.