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How to buy property in Bulgaria

Have you been dreaming to have your own property on the Black Sea or the ski resort where it is possible to arrive at any convenient time and not to overpay for accommodation services during the tourist season peak? You can find a lot of advantageous options at affordable prices in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian property is considered to be one of the most attractive in Europe because of the availability of its price range. Even in the face of a serious crisis the construction in the country does not stop.As every sale and purchase transaction of real estate property has its own aspects it is very useful to get to know how to buy an apartment in Bulgaria.

There are no special restrictions of the purchase of property in Bulgaria. Restrictions concern only the purchase of land.Apartments in Bulgaria can be purchased without time-consuming bureaucracy and loss of time on studying the national legislation if you refer for help to our company, a developer of residential complexes in Bulgaria and an owner of Bulgarian properties.

The owner of real estate property in Bulgaria can be both physical and legal persons.We offer you a choice of options that correspond to your requirements and budget possibilities best.Our specialists will advise you on all legal issues accompanying you during transaction will help arrange all the necessary documents and assist to register the purchased property.

Besides, our company is ready to take over full maintenance and management of your property in your absence.