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Hydrolysis and electrolysis system for water cleaning of the swimming pools in Harmony Suites

Hydrolysis of indoor pool:

Hydrolysis is a system for the disinfection of water without the use of chlorine, bromine or other chemicals.

Makes the water crystal clear, without eyes and skin irritation, without a smell and fully ecological. Prolonging the life of the pool and the filtration system, prevents incrustation. It is designed for all pool types, particularly suitable for intensive usage ones (public and hotel pools, etc.)

Electrolysis of outdoor pools:
Disinfection by electrolysis can completely replace chemical treatment of the pools with liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets. This is a continuous process which does not need the addition of a consumable, but salt loading just once.

Electrolysis system fully meets the control tests carried out by HEI for the presence of chlorine in the water, and a number of European standards for electrical safety due to low voltage electrodes - just 9.5V.
The system has an electrode made of titanium, wich while submitting the D.C. separates NaCl previously dissolved in the water of Na and Cl ions, and thus release chlorine, which in fact serves to oxidation of organic matter in the pool. The process continues with the subsequent coupling of Na and Cl ions which again form NaCl (salt). This leads to a continuous process which doesn’t need a subsequent addition of consumable, which is a favorable condition for inexpensive and high-quality maintenance of the pool. The addition of salt is necessary in case of loss of water. An example is cleaning of the sand filter, damaged pipeline, evaporation, etc.
The water with added salt is very close to the comfort of the seawater, which is known from ancient times with its relaxing effect. At the same time the salt concentration is only 5 g / l. For comparison the sea water is 30 g / l. A liquid with an amount of salt 5 g / l is similar to a human tear or a serum for cleaning the eyes, etc.