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Sunny Beach

In July, a record number of foreign tourists - 1.1 million visited Bulgarian resorts

The summer tourist season 2016 set a record in number of foreign tourists for the past 20 years. Bulgarian resorts this summer are visited by 1.8 million tourists. Only in July the tourists were 1.1 million.
According to the latest data, the amount of Russian tourists in Bulgaria has increased by 25% compared to last year. Experts are linking the increase in Russian tourists to the deterioration of relations between Russia and Turkey. It is still difficult to predict whether this trend will continue next year and Bulgaria will remain so popular holiday destination as relations between Bulgaria and Turkey are improving.
European tourists continue to choose Bulgarian resorts for their holidays. In June and July 250 000 tourists from Germany have visited Bulgaria. More than 110 000 tourists from Poland and Romania as well, and almost the same number of tourists from Ukraine.