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Real estate for pensioners in Bulgaria

Who would not like to live a quiet and slow-paced life on the shores of the warm caressing sea? So many seniors are interested in the opportunity to buy an apartment in Bulgaria, an inexpensive country with a lot of sea resorts.

Affordable real estate in Bulgaria for seniors is offered by many estate agents. Our company is the developer of many residential complexes, so we are able to offer pensioners a real estate at sea for prices, which are much lower than similar offers of intermediary firms.

Real estate sale procedure in Bulgaria for pensioners is simple enough, but if there are any questions and concerns, we are ready to offer assistance and legal support.

A key factor of interest to seniors, who have decided to become the owner of property in Bulgaria near the sea, is the pricing issue. Property prices in Bulgaria for pensioners in the resort areas constitute, on average, about 30 000 euro. If you choose accommodation away from the tourist centres and major cities, the cost of housing is next lower order.

Here you’ll enjoy mild temperate climate, proximity to the sea and mountains, delicious organic food and reasonable prices. It is an ideal place for a slow-paced and quiet life in old age. That is why once many people reach retirement age, they move to Bulgaria.

Retirees can choose accommodation according to their taste and finances. Many are attracted by real estate on the coast, in close proximity to the sea; some prefer a small house in a small village, away from the bustle of the resorts. The latter option is much cheaper - about 5-10 thousand euro, depending on the state of the object. At the seacoast pensioners can buy an apartment for 20 000 - 30 000 euro, with all the amenities.

What does a pensioner need to buy property in Bulgaria?

To buy a house or apartment you need to have sufficient amount of money. Bear in mind that execution of all documents will cost you a decent amount of money, so reserve some additional money. To choose a house and conclude a contract, you should personally come to Bulgaria.