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Review by Davidov Rashid Abdilhanovich

Russia, Моscow.

Harmony:When did you purchase a property in Bulgaria and what was a factor for this step?
Rashid: 2012, for the holiday of my family.
Harmony: Why did you choose exactly Bulgaria from the variety of countries?
Rashid: Suitable climate.
Harmony: What type is your apartment and
in which complex?
Two bedroom apartment in Harmony Palace.
Harmony: Are you satisfied with your apartment? If yes - then what is it?

Rashid: Overall satisfied, but there are a number of comments on the quality of finishing an apartment. In general the complex is well done.

Harmony: What was the greatest impression from the complex which made you buy a property here?
Rashid: Beautiful design, good location.
Harmony: A few words about the complex in general?
Rashid: Nice, comfortable.
Harmony: A few words about the builder and the company from which you purchased the housing?
Rashid: Good company, friendly specialists, careful staff.
Harmony: How was the process of buying property, whether it is complicated?
Rashid: Everything was very comfortable and quiet, good and comfortable conditions of purchase - easy payment plan.