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Review by Kamishnikova Elena

Russia, Moscow

Harmony: When did you purchased a property in Bulgaria and that was a factor for this step?
Elena: 2010, We liked our friends reviews and we decided to buy an apartment, visited the exhibition, met there Dima Penov and we bought.
Harmony: Why did you have purchased a property in Bulgaria?
Elena: Recreation of an old ass. I wanted to have our own sea and the opportunity to come to our home in old age.

Harmony: Why did you choose Bulgaria from a variety of countries?
Elena: Mentality, climate, sea
Harmony: What type is your apartment and in which complex?
One bedroom apartment in Harmony 2 and Harmony 3.
Harmony: Are you satisfied with your apartment? If yes – then why?
Elena: Yes, nice and close to the sea, good neighbors and infrastructure, children’s playgrounds and park - we have everything.
Harmony: What was the greatest impression in the complex which made you buy a property here?
Elena: People. (Dima and Tihomir)
Complex - one of the coolest
Quality and materials

Harmony: A few words about the complex in general?
Elena: Interesting design, classy interior, infrastructure, from restaurants to entertainment by the pool, playgrounds, volleyball court and a mini - zoo. There is everything, for all occasions.
Harmony: A few words about the developer and the company from which you purchased the apartment?
Elena: Reliable guys, every new complex is better than the previous one. We look forward to Harmony 4,5,6.
Harmony: How was the process of buying property, whether it is complicated?
Elena: Everything is very fast: we booked an apartment, we came over and looked, we signed the contract, paid, got the notary act, and we settled.

+359 897 001 600

Apartments for sale:
+359 897 001 900