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One bedroom apartment in Harmony Residence - Sofia for 98 900 €

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Review by Shevchenko Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Russia, Serpuhov

Harmony: When did you purchase a property in Bulgaria and what was a factor for this step?

Tatyana: We purchased the property in Bulgaria in July 2012. We really wanted to have our own place to live in Bulgaria on the Black sea coast.

Harmony: Why did you purchase a property in Bulgaria?

Tatyana: For a happy life of my family. My children and my grandchildren.

Harmony: Why did you choose Bulgaria from a variety of countries?

Tatyana: In Bulgaria I feel good like at home. All people speak Russian and we are treated very well. Many Russian live here.

Harmony: What is your apartment and in which complex?

Tatyana: 2 bedroom apartment in the best complex Harmony 2

Harmony: Are you satisfied with your apartments? If yes - then why?

Tatyana: We are very pleased with our apartment. Good layout, very comfortable, with furniture and everything necessary for life. Excellent quality of construction and design. Acceptable price.

Harmony: What was your greatest impression of the complex which made you buy a property here?

Tatyana: We liked everything here. It is very comfortable and beautiful. I dreamed of such a complex and I was lucky to find it.

Harmony: A few words about the complex in general?

Tatyana: Complexes Harmony are a modern miracle. It is just a paradise for us. There is everything for a happy life.

Harmony:A few words about the developer and the company from which you purchased the apartments?

Tatyana: They build quickly and perfectly. Not expensive and reliably. All is very nice.

Harmony: How was the process of buying property, whether it is complicated?

Tatyana: The purchase process went very quickly and quietly. Company did everything for us. The people here are honest and helpful. All this is very nice. We are happy that we live here now. Wish you all happiness!

+359 897 001 600

Apartments for sale:
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