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About us

Company Harmony Suites has been operating in the field of residential real estate construction since 2007 and during this period it managed to become one of the leading Bulgarian real estate developers. Harmony Suites is part of the Bulgarian Investment and Construction Association (BICA) and National Real Estate Association (NREA) , and the apartments in the residential complexes built by the company on the Bulgarian coast find a quick sale. We have many appearances in the "Building of the Year in Bulgaria".

Сотрудники нашей компании

Harmony Suites concept

   The reason for the success and rapid development of Harmony Suites is the fact that the company constructs projects on their own funds, not using investment and borrowing. The company follows a careful approach in choosing a site for construction and maintaining the quality of construction. All Harmony complexes are built in an ecologically clean place, surrounded by natural parks, flower-beds, trees, sea and clean air. In addition, the area of each complex is provided with conveniences and planted with trees and shrubs. Rare plants have been specially imported from Greek gardens and Bulgarian greenhouses. Particular attention is paid to children: children's playgrounds are built everwhere, and even a mini-zoo is composed. Adults will enjoy a fitness club, relaxation areas and a barbecue. It is possible to spend time here in a home-like comfortable manner all year round, and that is the case with residents of Harmony Suites complexes.

The company owners did not forget about the infrastructure, so all complexes are conveniently situated in prestigious areas of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. A quiet green area is located a few hundred meters from the sea. No noise from the nightlife, just walking distance from the complex supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, cafes, shops, everything without which one can not imagine modern life. And for fans of water activities and tennis, a water park and a tennis court are provided within a 15-minute walk.

As to the quality of construction, the company complies with all necessary regulations and has enough equipment, expertise and staff to build high-quality modern facilities. Only natural materials are used in construction, such as travertine stone, Austrian Venerberger brick, wrought iron (in the balcony finishing). The company completely abandoned the use of drywall; it uses machine-made plaster coat for interior decoration.


Лучшая недвижимость на Солнечном берегу Болгарии

  Harmony Suites - it is a whole philosophy. The reliability of the company has been proven by almost ten years of excellent work, high quality of construction and implementation within the specified time of all projects. At present, the company has already built seven residential complexes: Harmony Suites-1, Harmony Suites-2, Harmony Suites-3, Harmony Suites-4, Harmony Suites-5, Harmony Suites-6, Harmony Palace. On the territory of each one of them there are children's and adults’ swimming pools, jacuzzi, table tennis facilities, a gym with a personal trainer and a massage therapist (on request). The original design of the complexes attracts families with children. Kiddies can visit the Hobbits’ cave, an amphitheater with a large chessboard, a waterfall on a small river.

Which facilities can apartment owners use at no extra charge?

Крытый бассейн в комплексе Harmony Suites 

Complexes Harmony Suites are the preferable choice of many people, both middle-class and upper-class individuals. Even the families of the company owners Nedelcho Kolev and Tihomir Kolev also live in Harmony complexes. The current club system allows homeowners to use a large set of conveniences at no extra charge:

• outdoor and indoor swimming pools
• hamam
• jacuzzi and sauna
• fitness centers
• children’s play areas and entertainment
• parks

Reception desk

Первоклассное обслуживание в harmony-suitesAny questions related to accommodation can be solved quickly by contacting the receptionist. Extra-charge services: cleaning, laundry, transfers, trips, ordering food from a restaurant.

In complexes Harmony Suites you will get a warm welcome all year round.