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Stage of construction

After completing the documentation and issuing a construction permit, it is time to get down to opening the construction site.


  1. A geological site investigation to 35 m in depth is conducted.

  2. Excavatory digging works are started; wellpoint systems must be used whenever underground water is found.


  3. The concrete base is laid /low-class concrete is used/.

    betonnogo osnovaniya

  4. Applying waterproofing materials on the concrete base.
  5. Applying a spackling layer on the waterproofing material.
  6. Laying the steel concrete foundation /we use B25 class concrete – it is one of the best materials, hardly ever used by other construction companies, with water-resisting additives added/.
  7. The foundation walls are built.
  8. Sand is poured inside the foundation, then compacting is carried out with vibration rollers. Plumbing and sanitary connections are installed inside, a concrete panel is laid, and the zero stage is finished.

    vnutri fundamenta

  9. Italian two-layer waterproofing material is laid on the walls. Expanded plastic is laid on top, and then protective membrane is laid on the expanded plastic.

    gidroizolaciya  zhelezobetonnye konstrukcii

10.  Reinforced concrete frames are built up to a certain height.

11.  Getting down to masonry works: we use Wienerberger bricks, Porotherm Light model, as it is one of the best on the market for its heat-isulating and sound-insulating properties. It consists of 53 air cells; for cutting we use a Wienerberger machine, thus having grouts less than 1,5сm wide. We use a Rofix adhesive cement, which is very strong.

All external walls of the apartments are 25сm thick, and all internal walls are 12,5сm thick.

tuhli tuhla



12.  Roof: Installation of an active dome lightning protector /working radius from 150m/; for your information, such units were installed 2 years ago in the Presidential residency and Lukoil company only.




13.  PVC window units installation: we use five-chamber PVC window units in Golden Oak colour, 24mm double blazing, German gusset plate kit; there is a tilt & turn window or door in each room.


14.  Window stool installation. We use Vratsa stone, 3 сm thick.  The stone is glued on with TeraFlex or Ardex freeze proof glue.

vrachanskiy kameny

15.  Electrical and fire protection systems installation. A connection with the reception desk is installed in every apartment. Breaker boxes are exceptionally of the Meller and Schneider type, and are provided with a triple protection. At the customer’s request, we can additionally install moulded projecting courses with integrated LED light sources. There are 5 female sockets in every room as minimum. We use only double-insulated copper wires.


16.  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Water Supply and Sewerage
The 160 cm ventilation pipes we use improve the operation of the ventilation system /110сm pipes are widely used/. For the water supply and sewerage system we use only polypropylene products and flexible fittings, pipe unions and other accessories of established European manufacturers only /metal pipes or Chinese products of questionable quality are widely used in construction in Bulgaria/.

17.  Plaster: The ceilings and walls are coated using a turbozol coating machine, where we use one of the best plasters on the market – Knauf MPL75L. After this operation the surfaces are treated with glass paper and polished with Knauf putty. A PVC mesh is embedded into the plaster to protect the plaster layer surface from cracking. It is common practice in Bulgaria to glue gypsum plasterboard on the walls after laying of bricks or YTONG bricks, and the internal walls consist of gypsum plasterboard only. According to the TUV statistics, the average-strength standard gypsum plasterboard has a lifetime between 8 and 12 years. The green gypsum plasterboard has a higher strength, it is far more expensive and moisture-resistant, but it is not used.

vnutrenyaya shtukaturka

18.  Roof design: In the cases of level roofs we use necessarily barbicans and roof outlets 18/18 at every 30 sq.m. We apply a lime and cement coat with a gradient in their direction, not exceeding 1,5 degrees. We lay on two-layer waterproofing finishing material, after that we lay thermal covering, then reinforced putty, and on top of all that we apply again waterproofing finishing material with additional proofing. To achieve better heat insulation and to protect the last coat, we lay round river stones.

konstrukciya kryishi


19. Outside thermal covering: We use a Weber system in full, as it provides an additional 10 years of warranty to the warranty of 5 years that is standard for Bulgaria. We use silicate coating material, which is extremely suitable for the humid marine climate /because of its high price it is hardly ever used in Bulgaria by the other competitive construction companies, as they use on a massive scale mineral plaster without thermal covering /.


20.  The stone we use for cladding is natural travertine. When laying this stone on the facade, on top of thermal covering we lay a galvanized stainless mesh, and we use Wurth expansion anchor studs for Fibran-type expanded foam, and a Ardex flex adhesive.


21.  The bathrooms, lavatories and wet rooms are necessarily coated with liquid waterproofing material of the Dieterman rubber type, and for the corners we use a 26 сm waterproofing tape.


The adhesive used for tiles is of company Ceresit CM11, CM18 /I personally have seen laying of waterproofing material in sanitary facilities on one construction site only/.

All walk-out balconies are built with gas-flame waterproofing, thermal covering and  waterproofing tapes for the corners. All other balconies are waterproofed with German liquid waterproofing material of the rubber type. What helps us to stand out of the crowd is that drainage from the balcony is provided by means of barbicans and water is withdrawn through a drain pipe to earth /usually in other houses water flows through the pipe in the balcony floor directly to earth/.

22.  For the finishing of a pitched roof we use dry timber, where boards are necessarily arranged above the bars /oriented strand boards are used on a large scale in Bulgaria/, where timber is beforehand treated for preservation, on top we lay two-layer gas-flame waterproofing material  and then lacquer-coated roof tiles /this coating facilitates the water drain/.


23.  Water drainage is fulfilled by means of seamless water collectors, barbicans and outlets made of galvanized sheet.

24.  All laced parapets are made of forge iron according to a made-to-order design /in Bulgaria it is common practice to use aluminum parapets, which have a lifetime not exceeding 7-8 years/.

25.  The vertical configuration is made of stamped concrete and the composite decking is made of Siberian larch. All wooden items are treated with a Sikkens protective lacquer.

shtampovan beton  deking


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