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After-sale registry

It’s not very difficult for a foreigner to purchase property in Bulgaria. But as everywhere else after concluding purchase and sale contract the apartment should be re-registered on the new owner in accordance with the applicable rules.

How it works in Bulgaria

The newly bought housing needs to be registered in three institutions: BULSTAT Registry, Tax Inspectorate and the State Service for Geodesy and Cadastre. Let us consider each step in detail:

Step 1: Register in Bulgaria Statistics Institute (BULSTAT)

The deadline for registration in this institution is only a week, so do not hesitate, and immediately submit documents to Bulstat Registry after purchase. You will need to provide the property owner passport and a notarized title deed to receive your own number. Here you will be given an individual BULSTAT code.

Step 2: Registration at the Municipal Property Tax Inspectorate

In order to start to pay property tax, you need to visit the local branch of the tax office. To do this, you will have to submit the following documents:

• Individual BULSTAT number

• A copy of the title deed

• Completed application form

You will have to pay the levy. Receipt of this payment will indicate that you are a tax payer

Step 3: Data updating in State Service for Geodesy and Cadastre

After signing the purchase and sale contract, on receiving BULSTAT number and registration with the tax office, you need to update the data of the object in the cadastral service. It is absolutely necessary to do, as the absence of registration and payment of a fee entails penalties in an amount much higher than the standard one. This also applies to the first two steps, which are mandatory in Bulgaria.