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Apartment by the sea - a dream come true

Have you ever considered buying a property in your favorite holiday destination on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast? You may be tired of paying the high prices that hotels and guest houses offer for rent in the summer. Or your family needs more space than you can get in a hotel, or you just want to relax without spending a huge amount of money. Or maybe you just want a vacation spot where you can go with your whole family whenever it's convenient.

There are many reasons to buy a vacation home. But like any major financial decision, there are many things you need to know before taking this step. In the following lines, we will present the main things you need to know if you have decided to invest in a holiday property by the sea.

The benefits of owning a holiday property

You can save money in the long run if you visit your place often. For example, if you spend two months a year in your vacation home, the amount you pay for a mortgage (if you finance it this way) will be less than the amount you will pay for a hotel or apartment rental. And if you have the funds and do not have to pay a loan, you’ll save 100% of the money for a hotel or rent. Also, over time, you will accumulate equity without giving your money to anyone else.

It is possible to use your home for vacation or to generate rental income when you are not there. In popular holiday destinations, owning an apartment can be not just a convenience, but also a way to earn extra money. What better than that!

Real estate values ​​- especially in popular holiday towns - tend to increase over time. Even if you don't rent it out, your vacation home can help you build wealth.

You can customize your vacation home to suit your needs and preferences and you can store things there. For example, if you have a home at the beach, you do not need to transport your beach chairs and beach toys on each trip.

The holiday home can eventually become a permanent home. If you own an apartment by the sea, you can eventually stay there whenever you want. And, if you choose, you can move there permanently without any worries.

Of course, there are also intangible reasons to buy a vacation home, such as giving your whole family a place to have fun in the summer and feel at home at the same time. Everyone has their reason to want to own a property by the sea.

Disadvantages of holiday properties and how to overcome them

Owning a property by the sea can have both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the biggest drawbacks and how to overcome them when buying your holiday apartment:

Funding. If you do not have ready funds to finance the selected property, you will need to contact a bank. Then it is good to consider in detail all the fees and contributions that you will have to pay. Consulting a credit counselor, in this case, will help you finance your dream of having a holiday property without negatively affecting your financial situation.

Maintenance. Owning a holiday property by the sea implies that it will be uninhabitable out of season. Imagine going to your apartment by sea in early summer and having to do a thorough cleaning. This can spoil your mood. But there is a solution here too. If you buy a property in a holiday complex like Harmony Suites, you can take advantage of the property cleaning service. Thus, you will have the pleasure of having your apartment by the sea, without the need to spend time on cleaning and maintenance.

The sale. Real estate is something that is not always easy to sell. That is why it is important if you want a property by the sea, to be sure that you will use it for at least 5 years. And if you decide to sell it, remember that it can take time.

Do you want an apartment by the sea where you can spend your summer holidays? At Harmony Suites, you will enjoy a luxurious atmosphere and many additional pleasures such as:
  • Spa center;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Cleaning and maintenance;
  • Transport.
You will find all this in two of the most famous Bulgarian resorts: Sunny Beach and Saint Vlas.

Take a look at our offers and book your online viewing. Our consultants will answer all the questions you have to help you turn your dream into reality.

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Apartments for sale:
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