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Apartments on the coast in Bulgaria

Today decide to buy an apartment in Bulgaria near the sea. This tendency is explained by a number of factors:

• Bulgaria is a nice quiet European country with affordable living standards formanypeople.

The apartmenton the coast in Bulgaria is at a low price

Legalpaperworkfor foreigners buying apartments in Bulgaria does not present any difficulties and problems.

• Soft warm climate and good ecology of the Black Sea coast will letyou live in a comfortable environment and also improve your health.

Growing interest in Bulgarian property naturally leads to an increase of agencies offering their services in the field of real estate transactions.As practice shows the most optimal and profitable option is to buy an apartment in Bulgaria without intermediator firms.We can offer such an opportunity because we are a Bulgarian real estate developer and owner of Bulgarian prestigious residential complexes in the best resort areas of the Black Sea coast.

Our offer prices are much lower and more favorable than many intermediator companies offer. We guarantee full legal "purity" of each transaction.In addition, we are ready to assist help not only in choosing the best option for you but also full legal support and consulting on many issues.