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Renting a car in Bulgaria

Travelling by car in Bulgaria is fun and easy. The roads here are excellent, the signs and markings are clear. If you do not have your own car for the trip, you can rent it. It is not difficult to do it.

Many companies involved in renting cars have English-speaking managers who will assist you. You can rent even through the Internet. Number of models will delight you with its variety and reasonable prices. If you plan to travel a lot, you’d better not rent a new car but a reliable second hand passenger car with manual transmission.


To rent a car in Bulgaria , you must have a passport and driver's license of international standard. If your age is under 23 years old and your driving experience is less than three years, you will have to pay some additional amount. The car rental includes insurance and VAT and a deposit of about EUR 200 will be blocked on your card.


The police keeps strict watch on exceed of speed limit and, in case of violation, it may withdraw a driver's license therefore you will not be able to drive on the territory of Bulgaria. If a foreign driver was fined he/she must leave the car, and pay a fine at the nearest bank. Talking during driving is allowed only on the phone with a headset "hands-free". As anywhere else there are requirements to fasten your seat belts, to have child car seats and lack of radar detectors.

Return of rental car

You must return the car with a full tank, as when it was given for a rent; otherwise you’ll have to pay extra by tariffs established by the company. Before the rent, remember to inspect the car for any damage, since when returned, the car will be examined by the company. And if you don’t take anything into account, you will be responsible for any failure. If you found minor damage, you’d better correct it in the local service station, otherwise by the end of rental time the company will impose a heavy fine on you.