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Review by Efremova Valentina Nikolaevna

Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod

Harmony: When did you purchase a property in Bulgaria and that was a factor for this step?
Valentina: We bought a property in Bulgaria in June 2011. We just arrived in Bulgaria at the invitation of our friends, who previously purchased property here. And we realised that this is the place where we want to return again and again, and there is no better place for families with children.
Harmony: Why did you have purchased a property in Bulgaria?

Valentina: A little as investment, and the main goal - to come here with our children in the summer time - we have four grandchildren. Climate in Bulgaria, and in particular in Sunny Beach, helps to strengthen and improve the body, especially children’s one. The sea, the sea air and the sun, not only for 2-3 weeks but 3-4 months of the year. And the children really began to be ill less.
Harmony: Why did you choose Bulgaria from a variety of countries?
Valentina: Bulgaria - Slavic country, with the same religion as ours. In fact, there is no language barrier. You can understand a lot and catch the point, and in addition, there are Russian-speaking people everywhere. During the Soviet era, we were close friends, and we propagate similar values in life, the country's development and education of the person.

Harmony:What type is yourapartmentand in whichcomplex?
Valentina: We have a very large apartment in Harmony 2 with two bedrooms, and because of our big family, we combined it with a studio. Thus in our suites there are 2 bathrooms, two large balconies and in general, a lot of air and space to live.
Harmony: Are you satisfied with your apartments? If yes - then why?

Valentina: When we bought the apartments, the house was ready for exploitation, almost everything was ready and there were not so many available apartments, but we were offered exactly what we wanted - great apartment overlooking the pool, the playground, and the new and very interesting territory under construction of Harmony 3. Managers very flexibly come to the fulfillment of our wishes and we received two joint apartments. Later we bought 2 more apartments in Harmony for investment.

It was very nice to go to the apartment – it was 100% ready to move in. Starting with a beautiful interior fully furnished. From neatly made beds to having all necessary equipment for the life of household, towels, dishes, indoor slippers and such trifles as a sponge on the sink and dishwashing detergent.
Harmony: What was the greatest impression in the complex which made you buy a property here?

Valentina: We believe that Harmony 2 is the best of all previously built and under construction complexes.
Harmony: A few words about the complex in general?
Valentina: First of all we like the quality of the construction, decoration (interior and exterior), the quality of materials and architecture. The most memorable moment, of course, made arrangement of the territory. Exquisite landscape design, a beautiful large swimming pool, a lot of diverse, very carefully and skillfully selected greenery and flowers.

We like a lot the presence of high-quality outdoor furniture. And all that is maintainedin good condition and very clean. You can just stand and admire, and we can use all of it. We are very happy with the closed and guarded for outsiders area. Great importance is children's rest -Children's playgrounds, children's pools, a wide variety of attractions. The garden in front of Harmony 3 - is generally the top of imagination and implementation of ideas. Plus the presence of a beauty salon, spa, gym, restaurants and so on. In general, our complex is significantly different for the better than all other complexes we have seen in Sunny Beach and around - architecture, arrangement, beauty and comfort of living – all in one.

Harmony: A few words about the developer and the company from which you purchased the apartments?
Valentina: The company is stable, clear, the amount of all constructions increases, periods are strictly adhered to and that is not at the expense of quality.
Constructingwith such a pace is not just a "chasing" of square meters. Each new building – itis a completely new style, unique architecture, and all of this is aimed at improving and convenience of living in these complexes. In addition to construction, the company sells apartments as well. Professionalism, literacy, indifferent sales managers and their friendly attitude towards customers are also very important.

When we bought the apartments, after the meeting and communication with the company's management and employees from the sales office, we did not have the slightest doubt in the integrity and reliability of these people and that company.

Harmony: How was the process of buying property, whether it is complicated?

Valentina: The whole process of purchase and registration took place with dignity, quietly and easy. At the same time, the company is engaged in the maintenance and care of our property. A relatively small amount of money for in our absence or presence, they manage this complex mechanism called "residential complex", which includes our own apartments and the common areas, and the entire surrounding area with all communications. All supported by a full order, cleanliness, carried out technical maintenance.Being here, you constantly feel that care of yourself and your property. The entire staff is intelligently and thoughtfully selected. It is very nice to talk with all employees at any level. Welcoming, friendly, ready at any moment to help, prompt, quickly resolve any problems or technical malfunction. And while you are away - you are calm and sure that everything here is in safe and strong hands.

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