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One bedroom apartment in Harmony Residence - Sofia for 98 900 €

Harmony Grand Resort - 10% discount


Review by George Istomin

Harmony: Tell me George, why Bulgaria? What attracted you in Bulgaria?
First of all I am attracted in Bulgaria because of its territorial proximity with Russia - two and a half hour flight, and you are at home, in Moscow. But the most important thing that I like about Bulgaria is the proximity of the cultures of ournations. Here the atmosphere is like at home. Climate is very good , the sea is warm and the air very fresh. Beautiful country. The mentality of Bulgarians and Russians is very similar, I like that.
Harmony: You have bought your property through Internet, could you tell us about your purchase and whether you met any problems in the process of acquisition?

George: Yes, I bought the property through Internet I did not come here before buying, I arrived at the purchase, already ...late. I just found your site "Harmony Suites" quite by chance. Considering the site I really liked it. It is very stylish. The designerhas done a good job... The design of the complex just allured me (smile). Originally I had no goal to buy real estate, I was just looking at the site. But complex made on me so strong impression that I decided to buy an apartment in it.

I spoke with your expert on legal issues Nadezhda Russinova and she explained to me everythingso comprehensibly and in Russian. I was left with a very good impression about her and her professionalism after the conversation. I did not have any problems with money transfers, with the registration or the contract. All the information I received by email, including a return ticket to Bulgaria, which is very convenient. There was not any problem throughout the procedure. Even without coming and not seeing anybody everything happened very easily. In Russia all this is difficult to be done, because such a service is still unavailable.

Harmony: George, as a person who has already acquired property what would you advise people who buy property in Bulgaria now?
George: First of all I would advise people who wish to buy property in Bulgaria
to use services of a professional agency that knows the business, knows the area well and the market. Work with proven people, on the recommendation of satisfied buyers. For example, whenever people ask me where and how I bought my apartment I recommend your complex and your real estate agents.

So, while I was working with you I was pleasantly surprised with what ease and simplicity we have issued the deal. This have not happened to me before. In Russia I used to deal with many different kinds of transactions, but such ease, as it was with your company, I had never had. So I always recommend people to choose a reliable partner for cooperation, such as "Harmony Suites”

Harmony: You live for about a year in the complex "Harmony Suites", what are your general impressions?
George: I spent wonderful time! I would like heartily to thank all the staff working in your complex and the professionals your real estate sales department.

I would also like to mention the excellent park in your complex, volleyball and football grounds. It is a wonderful convenience! I've walked around and noticed that not all of the complexes of this type have places for entertainment, and green areas at all. In this regard, all is perfect. The cuisine in the complex is very good (smiles), WI-FI, cable TV, all equipment works. I am very pleased with everything!

Harmony:Thank you very much for your feedback, George. Have a nice day!

+359 897 001 600

Apartments for sale:
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