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One bedroom apartment in Harmony Residence - Sofia for 98 900 €

Harmony Grand Resort - 10% discount


Review by Levin Evgeniy Vladimirovich

Russia, Moscow

Harmony: When did you purchase a property in Bulgaria and what was a factor for this step?
Eugene: 2008, the desire to live in Bulgaria.
Harmony: Why did you purchase a property in Bulgaria?
Eugene: Family holidays.
Harmony: Why did you choose Bulgaria from a variety of countries?
Eugene: Climate, Slavic language, people, proximity to Russia, convenient communication, ecology, nature, culture.
Harmony: What is your apartment and in which complex?

Evgeniy:35А in Harmony 1 and 518 inHarmony 2.

Harmony: Are you satisfied with your apartments? If yes - then why?
Eugene: Very satisfied; services; atmosphere; high quality; management; design of the complex and the garden; location.
Harmony: What was your greatest impression of the complex which made you buy a property here?
Evgeniy: Our first apartment we bought by chance, the second one – because of a high level of management and maintenance, quality of construction and design.
Harmony: A few words about the complex in general?
Eugene: Very good location, excellent service and a very special atmosphere. There are all possible services: fitness, massage, hairdresser, entertainment for kids, very good restaurants.

Harmony:A few words about the developer and the company from which you purchased the apartments?
Eugene: first apartments acquired through the company "Sea and the house", the second - directly from the developer. All contractual obligations are met in full, on time, in compliance with all the details, which is rare nowadays.
Harmony: How was the process of buying property, whether it is complicated?
Eugene: Excellent, no problems at a high level as everything else.

+359 897 001 600

Apartments for sale:
+359 897 001 900