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Review by Vladimir Kunst

Harmony: I would like to ask you, why did you choose Bulgaria?
Vladimir: I chose Bulgaria because I used to deal
withreal estates in the past and I analyzed and came to the conclusion that the real estate in Bulgaria was underestimated properly at that time. Then on my arrival in Bulgaria, I traveled to many places and visually examined various proposals, I studied Bulgaria and I really liked it! So I decided to buy a property exactly here in Bulgaria.
Harmony: Please tell me, after examining various real estate here in Bulgaria, why did you choose exactly "Harmony Suites"?
Vladimir: Well, I actually have traveled many places and reviewing a large number of real estates. I chose "Harmony Suites", because all its parameter
ssuit me. First: I liked the complex itself, the quality and design. Second: The second building of the complex is still under construction and so far it is possible to buy a property at a very good price there. I chose "Harmony Suites" because it is always possible to stop here and have a good time and if desired, you can easily and profitably resell the purchased property at a higher price.
Harmony: Thank you Vladimir for your good opinion about us. Is there anything that you would advise us to change in the complex in order to make you feel even better here?
Vladimir: Well, for that I need a little more time to live here. So far I got a very good opinion about the complex!
Harmony: Thank you for your time, Vladimir.