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Travelling by car to Bulgaria

The car is a great alternative for those who are airsick. Car tourism is very popular in Europe. It provides you with an opportunity to see the country "from the inside", really travelling in it.

How to prepare for the trip?

• Get directions and the route. Before you hit the road, carefully examine maps of Bulgaria and the transit countries. If you have a car navigator you have to download all the maps there. It is better to plan in advance where you will stay overnight, and what interesting things can be seen along the way.

• Check technical condition of your car and fill a full tank. Take a tire kit and tool kit with you.

• Take the car seat for the child. In Bulgaria children under 12 should sit in a special chair. You can be fined for its absence.

What is needed to cross the border?

In order to cross borders without hindrance it is necessary to have documents for each passenger (a certificate from a veterinarian if you take an animal with you) and a road vignette. Vignette entitles you to travel on the territory of Bulgaria; it shows that you have paid the road toll. You must buy it immediately after crossing the border. Its cost depends on the time of your stay in the country.

At customs your car may be checked for availability of an extinguisher, reflective vests or emergency sign. Make sure in advance to have all the items in your car.