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Why Bulgaria? (investment attractiveness of Bulgaria)

·         Convenient geographical location not far from all European states. The flights last only 2-2,5 hour, it is also easy to get here by car or any other transport

·         Mild climate, unique nature, seaside, mountains, curative and mineral springs

·         Full membership in the European UnionandNATO, prospective accession to Schengen border-free area

·         Country with rapidly developing economy,with more than 5% of annual growth

·         Fixed EUR to BGN exchange rate

·         The lowest food prices in the EU.

·         Unlimited opportunities for outdoor activities, developed tourism sphere

·         Friendliness and lack of language barrier most Bulgarians speak English

·         Low crime and theft level

·         Low tax ratesand low propertycosts with its high profitability. Income taxes in Bulgaria are the lowest in Europe and amount to 10%.

·         The absence of traffic jams, convenient and punctual public transport

·         Low prices for properties.