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Calculation of area


If you bought a house of 60 square meters, but actually got 50 square meters, do not rush to blame the sellers in the fraud.The fact is that the calculation of area in Bulgaria is different from the others.How do the Bulgarians calculate the living area​​?

Features of the calculation of property area

The system of calculation of ​​area in Bulgaria is following, there are two indexes:

• built-up area;

• total area.

Built-up (living) area of ​​the apartment includes not only the area of ​​all the rooms, corridors, utility rooms and balconies.This figure also includes the wall thickness.Moreover, both external and internal walls are considered to be calculated.The partition wall between neighbouring apartments is calculated as 50% of the wall.

The total area includes not only the inside of the apartment, but also the common parts of the building.These include the entrances, elevators, terraces, etc. −all non-living areas in the building.These areas are added together and divided equally between all the tenants of the house.It could be said that when you buy an apartment in Bulgaria, you become in equal measure the owner of the house in which it is located.This part can be a fairly large percentage (up to 20% and above). All parameters are usually specified in the property documentation. So be careful and read all the technical documentation properly.