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Customs Information (Customs in Bulgaria)


Transportation of cash

The first question that tourists ask is how much cash they can carry with them.Laws of the Republic of Bulgaria permitto carry any amount without restriction.But if the amount exceeds 10,000 EUR passengers must declare them specifying the source of the income and the purpose the money will be spent for.It is documented in writing form indicating the vehicle number and the route of the trip.For those who do not carry a lot of cash across the border a "green corridor" is open.

Same goes for export of money from Bulgaria.It is prohibited to export only those currencies that have numismatic or historical value.Such money passes through the border only if there is a special permit.


Any citizen who crosses the Bulgarian border has the right to transport not more than 37 grams of gold or platinum in its pure form, as well as 60 grams of jewelry excluding the percent of noble metal in them. Silver can be taken out in an amount of up to 300 grams in any form: coins, jewelry, ingots.

Precious stones in jewelry: not more than three items.

Jewelry, ingots or coins exceeding the maximum weight and number should be declared.

Alcoholic drinks and tobacco

You can import to Bulgaria not more than 16 liters of beer, 1 liter of spirits, 4 liters of light wine, and 2 liters of heady wine.

You can have not more than 200 cigarettes per person crossing the Bulgarian border.