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Housing in Sunny Beach

In addition, if you are interested in apartments in Sunny Beach it is a modern and well-developed resort.Today such a purchase gives you a possibility not only to come on vacation at any convenient time to the best resort areas of southern Bulgaria, but also it is a profitable investment because real estate property on the Bulgarian coast will bring stable income on condition thatyou trust the management to a specialized company.

The cost of housing in Bulgaria in Sunny Beach is available for a wide range of potential buyers.This peculiarity is caused by the warm climate which significantly reduces the cost of construction of residential complexes which don’t need to be additionally insulated or have thickened walls.If desired, you can find a quite acceptable option for 30 thousand EUR.At this priceyou can find a great apartment located within walking distance from the luxurious beaches of the Black Sea.

Besides the fact that housing in Bulgaria can be seen as a way of organizing summer vacation we offer apartments and suites which are ideal for permanent residence.Our residential complexes are characterized not only by a high level of comfort and convenience but also by a high level of security.

Among ouroffered services there aresomeconcerning integrated maintenance and management of your property.Thus, your apartment in Bulgaria can easily become a great source of income.