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Inheritance and transfer of a real estate by gift in Bulgaria

There are two ways to receive real estate as an inheritance in Bulgaria: testamentary or legitimate right of inheritance. Contrary to popular belief, that in order to renew the legacy you need to undergo complex bureaucratic procedures, the process of accession to the inheritance is simple enough.

Foreigners have the same rights to inherit property as the citizens of Bulgaria. If there is no dispute or a large number of bidders on the property, the documents will be ready within six months.

Succession on intestacy

According to Bulgarian law direct heirs are: the spouse and children of the deceased. Spouse receives a portion of the property equal to the portion of each child.

In order to claim an inheritance it is necessary to submit a declaration of heirs to the tax office "Local taxes and fees" in your location. A document for the apartment and declaration of heirs (or renouncement of succession, if someone from the family resigns his rights) are attached to the declaration.

You can go the other way - turn to a notary and make an "act of succession." This document confirms that you are the heir.

In any case the heirs are obliged to register in the Bulstat Register as all foreign property owners in Bulgaria must have a unique Bulstat registered number.

Inheritance by will

In order to properly make a will for real estate in Bulgaria, contact a solicitor. He will check all necessary details of the will and its legal validity. The owner and a notary may keep the will.

Important detail: the property owner cannot disinherit his direct heirs. For example, if you have devise your apartment to a friend and you have a child, you’ll have to leave him his due part, or he may enter into inheritance rights through the courts.

The owner has the right to change his will as many times as necessary, or even cancel it. After the death of the testator, the heirs submit an application to the notary on the opening of the will, if the notary keeps the document.

Deed of gift

The property owner may dispose of his property, grant his real estate to anyone he sees fit. In order to grant the property, its owner must make deed of gift at the notary. If the deed of gift is made between parents and children, the transaction tax is not paid.

Inheritance tax in Bulgaria is not charged directly to the heirs. For siblings of the deceased the tax rate is from 0.4% to 0.8%, for other people it is about 5%.

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Apartments for sale:
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