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Prices for housing and utilities services in Bulgaria

Let’s take into account the standard apartment in the city, an area of ​​70-80 square meters, and draw up an estimate.  


Heating in Bulgaria is not cheap, but luckily, the winter is mild and the climate is also mild, so you won’t pay heating bills for a long time. There are two types of heating: central (in Bulgarian "parno"), and local (boiler). Most often there is a common heating boiler in the apartment building, and tenants pay for heating together.

The average heating payment for the average citizen in Sofia is 160-190 BGN. In other cities heating is cheaper than in the capital. In Varna this amount is about 100-150 BGN, and in Burgas it is even cheaper, 30-70 BGN. 


Electricity in Bulgaria is called the "current." Its cost depends on the city you live in. As in many European countries electricity is sold at a reduced rate at night-time, so people try to use boilers and washing machines at night. 

The average tariff in the country is 0.17 BGN during the daytime and 0.09 BGN at night. It comes out about 50-70 BGN per month with the standard use of the boiler.

Water supply

In Bulgaria both hot and cold water are supplied only according to meter, so the payment depends on the amount you use. The cost of one cubic meter is from 1.5 to 1.8 BGN and is about 15 BGN per month. 

Inaddition, building maintenance costs (about 20 BGNpermonth), real estatetax (yearly about 0.2% ofprice of an apartment), andthefeeforeliminationofwaste (usuallya smallamount) should be added to themaintaining costs of the apartment.