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Prices in Bulgarian restaurants

Bulgaria is famous for its excellent cuisine with rich and varied dishes.When you come to this country on vacationyou will definitely want to visit one of the cosy restaurants, taste the local cuisine and try the wonderful Bulgarian wine.


Visitors from other countries speak well of the Bulgarian restaurants. These are fairly inexpensive public places that can be safely visited without much harm to your purse.

How much can you spend in a restaurant in Bulgaria?

It should be also mentioned that prices in restaurants can differ from each other.It depends on the location of the restaurant, its reputation and the menu.Naturally, the price of dinner in resort areas or in the chic restaurant in the capital is more expensive than in a small snack bar designed for "close friends".

So, what is served in restaurants in Bulgaria?

The menu always has a lot of dishes cooked on the grill or the Bulgarian BBQ.This is a dish of pork, poultry and lamb.For example, pork ribs will cost 12 BGN, and pork steak - 7, 5 BGN.Thetraditional meat dish “sudzhuk” is about 7 BGN.

Bulgarian restaurants are notable for large portions.Ordering a few dishes you simply won’t be able to finish them up. So you can order one dish for two or takethe rest of your food with you.

If you do not eat meat the dinner will cost you cheaper.The Bulgarians cook a variety of delicious dishes from mushrooms, potatoes and cheese.The dinner will cost you only 7-10 BGN.In coastal regions many restaurants specialize in cooking fish and seafood.You can taste inexpensive dishes of squid, shrimp and mussels there.

As for alcoholic beverages, most restaurants preferthe Bulgarian wine (though there are drinks suited to any taste).It is really very tasty and not expensive.A bottle of "Chardonnay" in an average restaurant costs around 20 BGN.