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Property maintenance costs in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an attractive country to purchase a house.And not only the price per square meter is nice but it is also affordable to maintain housing.


The main cost is a property tax.As in other European countries, this tax is paid annually, but in Bulgaria it is much less than, for example, in Spain or Finland. Some facts for comparison: in Finland you have to pay 0.5% from the housing price, whereas in Bulgaria this amount is only 0.15%.Same goes for the single tax when you buy an apartment or a house.Bulgarian fee is 4-5% from the cost of the notary fees, and in other European countries it is up to 10%.In addition, the notary fees are substantially lower than the real market value of the property.

As for utility tariffs, heating is the most expensive of them. The price for central heating is within 100-150 BGN which is quite high for the locals. There could be no central heating in the coastal resort towns with a mild climate. The local citizens could use heat convectors or air conditioners. As a result it increases the cost of the electricity bill.Electricity is charged by the meter.The fee is 0.17 BGN during the daytime and 0.09 BGN at night (so-called "green tariff"). You are charged for the water you use. One cubic meter of water is 1.5-1.8 BGN.

In addition, the Bulgarians pay for elimination of household waste. This sum is calculated on the basis of the cost of apartment (0.2%).If you live in an apartment complex, you need to pay a "maintenance fee".This amount includes payment for cleaning of grounds, security, pool cleaning, etc.