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Taxes and charges in Bulgaria

Expenses, taxes, fees, charges related to the purchase and maintenance of real estate in Bulgaria

Income tax

At the moment a 10% income tax rate is valid in Bulgaria. This amount is paid to the state budget on a monthly basis. Until the 15th day of each month, you need to make an advance payment in the amount of 1/12 of the total amount for the previous period. At the end of the year recalculations and the amount of correction are done.

As of the 2007 for foreigners who sell one apartment per year, the income is not taxed.

Value added tax
VAT is levied on legal entities, if their income exceeds 50 000 BGN. The total VAT rate in Bulgaria is 20%, for hotels it is 7%. Sale of agricultural objects is not taxed.

Tax on vehicles

It is imposed on all owners of vehicles, without exception. Its amount depends on the following parameters:

•          Type of vehicle (passenger, cargo, commercial, etc.)

•          Engine power

•          Year of car manufacture

There is a special formula for calculating the tax. The more powerful the car is the higher the rate. For example, for a car up to 50 hp the amount of tax is 0.25 BGN / hp, and for a vehicle with large capacity of more than 150 hp the amount is 0.90 BGN/ hp. This amount must be multiplied by a factor of the year when the vehicle was manufactured.

In Bulgaria there are discounts for vehicles equipped with catalytic converter for harmful emissions, as well as eco-engine according to European standards.

This tax is paid twice a year, in spring and autumn. If you wish to pay the tax in one payment, once the full amount you have 5% of tax reduction.

Road user tax

This tax is also paid by all vehicle owners. Its amount depends on the weight of the car. One ton is paid in the amount of 10 BGN per year.

Using the roads in Bulgaria (outside the city) is charged separately. Card for weekly travel costs 15 BGN, and the annual pass costs 97 BGN.