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Telephone and Internet in Bulgaria

Mobile communications

Cell communication in Bulgaria is provided by three large companies: M-Tel BG, Telenor BG and VivaCom.The most reliable and long-acting operator is M-Tel, but it hasa little bit higher prices than its competitors.Tourists are offereda special tariff "Prima" with no monthly fee.

Telenor (former Globul BG) and VivaCom become also successful.Their rates are affordable, and the call quality is quite good.In any case, it is more profitable for holidaymakers to use services of these companies than to call in roaming.

Rates for cell communication in Bulgaria are not higher than in Europe.Incoming calls within the country are free of charge, and a minute of outgoing call will cost an average of 0.3 - 0.5 BGN.

A SIM-card in Bulgaria can be purchased with the passport at hand.

Fixed phone

A fixed phone is available in almost all homes in Bulgaria.The line rent is about 4-7 EUR per month.If you want to call abroad you’d better take advantage of a public phone.To do this, you need to buy a phone plastic card.


In Bulgaria cable Internet is mostly used.It costs 10-30 EUR per month.The use of television and the Internet via a cable with modem is paid monthly or for a season, and costs about 30-40 EUR with unlimited traffic.