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The costs of property registration in Bulgaria

When purchasing a property, you're not just paying for the square footage; there are additional expenses to consider, which are important to be aware of and keep in mind. Therefore, to accurately account for all these expenses, it's essential to know precisely what they entail."

Types of expenses:

  • Notary fees;

  • Property acquisition tax;

  • Registry entry fee;

  • Registration in the Bulstat and Cadastre service.

  1. Notary fees.

    As we all know, when buying an apartment, it is very important for all purchase-sale documents to be in order. For this, you will need the services of a notary, who will do this for you quickly and hassle-free. The cost of such services varies, and it is also important to consider that if you need the services of a lawyer or translator, you will also have to pay them.

  2. Property acquisition tax.

    In Bulgaria, there is a property acquisition tax. This fee is one-time and amounts to 2.5-4% of the property's value. The amount varies and mainly depends on the decision of the local authorities in the region, as well as the location of the apartment. It often happens that the tax is already included in the total amount, and you will not have to pay it additionally.

  3. Registry entry fee.

    The new owner of the apartment must pay a fee of 0.1% of the property value, namely to be entered into the list as the new owner of the apartment.

  4. Registration in Bulstat and the Cadastre service.

    This is a mandatory condition and expense. You will need to pay a fee of 30 euros to be assigned an individual code and issued corresponding cards.

Also, keep in mind that immediately after you become the official owner of the apartment, you will need to pay its annual tax. Its amount is about 0.15% of the price of the property itself and is also determined by the local authorities. This tax is the lowest in the whole of Europe for residential area.

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Apartments for sale:
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